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Sycamore Road. BBC film crew

attachment (28)A film company will be filming for several hours at the former discount Fabric shop on the corner of Sycamore road, I am told around 13:30 tomorrow afternoon 1st July.

Sycamore Road has a residents Parking scheme which has been suspended temporarily between 7 and 18:00 hrs. Residents from 33 to 13 Sycamore have been asked to park elsewhere whilst filming is taking place, something that is likely to be very problematic.

If residents have any concerns please phone me on 0750 529 7469

Residents were notified by the film company last week and the sign only went in yesterday Sunday 29th June. Councillors were not consulted about this, I was notified by a resident at 17:50 tonight Monday 30th June.

I immediately contacted The Cabinet member for Transport and the Sefton Council Head of Highways.

The filming is for the BBC drama series “Moving On”



Northern Road resident on pilgrimage to Palestine

John Usher a resident from the Northern Road Crosby has recently returned from a pilgrimage to Palestine and the Holy Land. John a Victoria ward Labour party member and a Bootle Constituency Labour Party delegate has written up a report of his visit which I believe will also be published in The Catholic Herald this week. There are some interesting photographs accompanying the story.I have published the article below.

In May Ms Teresa Jaggar and John Usher, a Bootle CLP member, made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

pope at apartheid wallWhile visiting the Holy Land in May, Pope Francis, witnessed by the world’s media, stopped his car to pray at the Israeli Apartheid Wall that now imprisons the men, women and children of Bethlehem, many of them members of his own Catholic flock, as well as other Christian and Muslim people. The Pope’s action demonstrated that he has not forgotten or abandoned any of those denied justice or freedom by the illegal Israeli Occupation.

Also in May, and just before the Pope’s visit, John and Teresa joined a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

John says: This was Teresa’s first visit. I had been there with my late wife Margaret, back in 1966, but that was before Israel’s 1967 invasion and seizure of Palestine’s West Bank and Gaza Strip, and I knew that it would be a very different Holy Land now, changed but not for the better.

For me, there were three main objectives of our pilgrimage, which was lead by an English Anglican clergyman, and a group of experienced local Palestinian guides. All objectives were achieved.

Firstly, we saw and experienced the very places where Jesus was born, lived, taught and died, the very source of our Faith, and found the experience moving and uplifting.

jerusalem mapAmong the inspiring places we visited in the area of Jerusalem, were the Mount of Olives and the little Chapel of the Ascension; the Chapel of Dominus Flevit (the Lord Wept) where Jesus wept on Palm Sunday over the future fate of Jerusalem; the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed the night before his arrest; the Western Wall (the Jewish Wailing Wall); the beautiful Golden Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque, the world’s third most holy place for Muslims; the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the site of Christ’s Crucifixion (Calvary), burial and Resurrection; the home of Caiaphas the High Priest where Jesus was held before appearing in front of Pontius Pilate, and where Peter denied three times even knowing him. In Bethlehem we visited the Church of the Nativity where Jesus was born, the Shepherds’ Fields where the shepherds heard the good news of Christ’s birth, and at the Sea of Galilee we visited the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus preached his wonderful Sermon on the Mount, Tabgha the location of the well-known loaves and fishes story, and we had a picnic at Capernaum and paddled in the Sea upon which Jesus is said to have walked. And in Nazareth we visited the Basilica of the Annunciation where Mary learned she was to be the mother of Jesus. Teresa and I lit candles for loved ones in churches we visited, and Teresa also requested the celebration of Masses for our intentions.

Border queue Palestine

Border queue Palestine

Secondly, we had the opportunity to meet with Palestinians, both Christian and Muslim, suffering under the Israeli Occupation, families in their homes, and two families whose homes had been demolished by the Israelis without any compensation, one of them more than once, and rebuilt with the help of volunteers. They still lived under the threat of the Israelis returning to demolish yet again, making the families homeless yet again. We met a farmer who showed us where illegal Israeli settlers had entered his farm and killed his sheep and goats, and when he tried to protect the animals, the Israelis attacked him as well, and seriously injured him. Two days after we visited the Palestinian ‘Tent of Nations’ farm, the Israeli Army arrived at 8am and using bulldozers, uprooted and destroyed 1500 fruit trees upon which the livelihood of the Palestinians depended. The Israelis cared nothing for the people or the Holy Land environment. We tried to show those we met, friendship and solidarity, and assure them that good people abroad had not forgotten them. We also met with humanitarian workers and educators, and brave Israelis of conscience, a minority I know, who oppose the wrongdoing of their own government, because they are isolated and vilified, and also need our encouragement and support.

Thirdly, we saw for ourselves the effects of Israeli Occupation in all it’s ugliness. A normal life for Palestinians is made impossible by the Occupation, now in it’s 47th year, no Palestinian there under the age of 47 has ever known the freedom we take for granted. The Palestinian economy is in ruins because of the Wall, the illegal settlements on stolen land, house demolitions, hundreds of checkpoints at which Palestinians must queue for hours, prevent people from reaching their jobs, farms, children from getting to school, the sick to their doctor or hospital, and most upsetting, many women going into labour on their way to hospital, have not been allowed through the checkpoint, and have given birth at the roadside. Not surprisingly, many of the babies died through the lack of proper care, and some mothers died as well. Mary would face this if she was trying to reach Bethlehem next Christmas.

israeli checkpoint

Israeli Checkpoint

We ourselves were delayed at Israeli checkpoints, but the inconvenience we experienced was nothing compared to the frustration and humiliation that the Palestinians are forced to bear. A young woman who had returned from America to teach Palestinian children, told us she was held for hours at an Israeli checkpoint, she was worried about reaching her pupils and was reduced to tears, she asked the soldiers what she had ever done to them, that they should treat her like this, but they wouldn’t listen. I am aware of another young Palestinian woman, a student, who was going to visit her grandfather, and came to a checkpoint where the soldiers were very bored. So to have fun they said to all the girls in the queue, that they had to make two queues: one for the beautiful girls and one for the ugly girls. Then one soldier walked down and he stopped at one girl and said you are not beautiful, move to the other queue. Then he came to a beautiful girl who was wearing a scarf. He told her to take it off so he could see her hair. ‘I didn’t wait my turn’, she said. ‘I didn’t want to face this, so I turned round and came home’. Israeli men with guns who derive pleasure from bullying and humiliating defenceless young women over whom they hold power are not fit to be called men.

water tanksIsrael has stolen all of Palestine’s water, and supplies uninterrupted mains water to Israelis. Palestinians on the other hand, never know when the Israelis are going to turn their water supply off, often for weeks on end, so when the water comes on they must save some in a tank on the roof, ready for when the Israelis turn the taps off again. This is a game of cat and mouse, while Israelis have no problem filling their swimming pool or watering their lawn for example, nearby Palestinians don’t have enough water for essentials. These rooftop tanks on Palestinian homes, but not on those of Israelis, are blatantly obvious for all to see, including visitors from around the world, but Israel shows no shame for this disgraceful racial discrimination.

Aparthied wall

Apartheid Wall

We felt shocked, disgusted and outraged by what we saw and heard. As Christians ourselves, we noted that Israel is forcing Christians to leave their homes in the Holy Land in large numbers. Christians can be found living all around the world, but unless Israel can be persuaded to change it’s behaviour, eventually the only place where no Christians will be found will be the Holy Land itself, the homeland of Jesus, and the land where Christianity was born. We have returned home with a conviction that good people everywhere must demand that the injustices and wrongs inflicted on the people of Palestine by the illegal Israeli Occupation must be brought urgently to an end, and this must be our message to all our elected politicians, even those MPs who consider themselves ‘Friends of Israel’ must find the backbone to tell Israel some home-truths, which is what true ‘friends’ would do anyway.

Locked shops



Sefton Council rejects DWP Work Placement schemes

job centreDWP Help to Work (Community Work Programme) 

Press Release from Cllr  Ian Maher

I, as Sefton Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Tourism along with Sefton’s Labour Group of Councillors, believe that the Help to Work scheme, along with other increased Claimant Conditionality measures introduced from April 2014, will lead to increased poverty and distress among our workless communities as more people will face a greater threat of benefit sanctions.

This removes claimants’ ability to sustain a reasonable quality of life for themselves and their family members whilst looking for employment.  It also exposes claimants who experience benefit reductions to the risk of problem debt.  In particular, Sefton Council takes the view that the enforced deployment of workless people into full time work schemes is ineffective at promoting longer term sustainable employment and positive attitudes to re-engagement in the workforce, stigmatises benefits claimants and locks them further into poverty.

 As such I have produced a report that is currently being progressed that says:

  Sefton Council will not be involved in the direct delivery of Community Work Placement Programme.

Sefton Council will not provide opportunities for Community Work Placement within any of its departments.

Sefton Council should take all reasonable steps to ensure that its contractors or service providers do not use unpaid claimants engaged on the Community Work Placement Scheme to undertake any contracts or services on its behalf.

Cllr. Ian Maher

Deputy Leader of Sefton Council and

Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Tourism

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POP UP shops in Moor Lane

After a recent competition with all the the Borough’s schools, three Schools; Holy Family, Merchant Taylors and The Bishop David Sheppard Primary School will be opening “POP-UP” shops in Moor lane Crosby between 10am and 4 am on Saturday 5th of July.

Local business woman, the owner and chief designer at “Roxie’s Treasures” says ” This will be good for the students to learn on how to run a business and set up in business which people need to learn entrepreneurial skills in schools”

The event is run in partnership with Sainsbury’s
Bishop David Sheppard primary School will be based in the former Lloyds Pharmacy.
The Holy Family High School will be at the former hairdressers No 6
Merchant Taylors will be based in the former Satterthwaites outlet. No19

pop up 1


Moor Lane Public engagement event

Public Engagement Event

Crosby residents and businesses are being encouraged to attend the first public engagement event on Saturday, July 12 (10am-4pm), in the former Lloyds Pharmacy unit, Moor Lane, Crosby.

The public engagement process will capture the views and suggestions of residents and the wider Crosby community and allow people to convey their ideas and discuss the future vision of Crosby.

Sefton Council and the consultants will also be on hand to discuss the current progress of the investment strategy to date.

For more information please contact

moor lane


Moor Lane, McCarthy Stone Development

McCarthy Stone have applied (DC/2014/00662) to erect a three storey development of 46 retirement flats after demolition of the existing buildings at the top of Moor lane shops between the roundabout and Home Bargains.
moor lane development


Myers Rd E, new Cafe opening hours

Crishells Cafe 74 Myers road East has been granted extending opening Hours to open 09:00 – 22:00 Monday – Saturday and 10:00 – 17:00 Sunday



Musker Street, Demolition of food factory

The former Musker St, “Chinese Chef Foods” plant owner is at present demolishing the old building following safe removal of Asbestos. The permission order is S/2012/0940 .

The order was granted in August 2012 and has been renewed this year.

No application for development has yet been received although did see a plan for the site some years ago which described  a small housing development.

Demolition site highlighted

Demolition site highlighted


Friends Of Coronation Park on FaceBook

A new facebook page for the Friends of Alexandra and  Coronation Parks has been set up by committee member Carl Davies


foacp 1


Kershaw Avenue – dispute over boundary wall

Residents in Kershaw Avenue off Enbutt Lane have notified me that they have heard that the developer of the new Hawthorne estate off The Northern Road is intending to change the agreed design of the Boundary Fence.

An extract from the original Architect’s plan is below.

I understand that the developer would have to submit an planning application to amend the design. I spoke to Planning Officers and Planning Monitoring Officers have visited today. I await a response and will post here.

kersahw railings 2

Original application from Oct 2011. s/2011/1338 . Outline permission granted in 2005 S/2005/0688