College Road Post Office

06 Jun

The Post Office on College Road L23 3DP will be closing temporarily for modernisation on 7th Jul 2014 at 17:30.

It will re-open on July 25th at 13:00.

The modernised branch will offer the same products and services with the addition of Car Tax and longer opening hours.

coll rd po
The modernised office will become a Main Branch:- See description below.
Link to Post office website describing the modernisation  CLICK HERE

EXTRACT from PO Site:

Main branches will offer a more modern environment
and in many cases extended opening hours.
• They will offer a dedicated Post Office counter with
a broad range of products and services, as well as
certain Post Office services being available at the
retail position during the hours the retail business
is open with many main branches featuring new
assisted self-service technology.
• We already have main branches operating across the
UK and feedback so far has been positive. We plan to
establish around 4,000 by 2015.
• Customer satisfaction scores at main branches are
consistently above 90% according to independent


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