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Thank you for re-electing your Councillor Jan Grace in the Local Elections 2018 with 65% of the Vote.

In Sefton,  Labour had a great night winning three additional seats, two from the Lib Dems and one from Independents.  Great to have Nina Killen back. Amazing wins in Southport in Kew for Janis Blackburne and Norwood for Mhairi  Doyle. Great to get Sudell Back with Yvonne Sayers.


Cllr Jan Grace, Cllr Les Byrom CBE, Peter Dowd MP

Across the four Crosby/Waterloo/Thornton/Seaforth Wards the percentage of those voting for the main parties was as Follows:

Local ward percentage


LABOUR           67%

CON               14%

LIB                 12%

GREEN            7% 



Sefton Labour now has 22 Female Councillors and 21 Male.


All 43 Sefton Council MBC, Labour Party Members, including newly elected Sam Marshall, (Blundellsands) Nina Killen(Ravenmeols)  Mahiri Doyle (Norwood) Janis Blackburne ( Kew)  Yvonne Sayers ( Sudell) and Liz Dowd ( Ford)

Stats election 18




Vote Councillor Jan Grace for Labour on May 3rd.

BTH GE 2017

Cllr Les Byrom CBE, Cllr Michael Roche. Cllr Jan Grace and  Peter Dowd MP at the GE Count Bootle Town Hall 2016

Jan Ltr to WS

Polling Stations In Victoria Ward

Polling Stations

Polling Stations In Victoria Ward