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Sefton Council reveal details of Council Tax Hardship Fund

Sefton Council have been awarded a government grant to help residents who may be struggling to pay their Council Tax during the COVID-19 outbreak.Sefton will receive a grant of £3.037m as part of £500m available nationally from the government’s emergency Council Tax Hardship Fund.

Any residents who are of working age, and have had their bill reduced by an award of Council Tax Reduction, will be eligible for relief of at least £150 from the fund.

The local authority will make a decision on a case by case basis for any relief above £150, taking into account the funding available.

A spokesman for Sefton Council said: “This relief will reduce Council Tax bills for eligible claimants for the financial year of 2020/2021.

“Any eligible council tax bills will be re-issued once the relief has been applied.

“Any balance remaining from the £3m will be added to the Council’s Council Tax Exceptional Hardship Payment Fund.

“This fund can be applied for by anyone who is responsible for Council Tax who is suffering financial hardship.”

For more information on this visit

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If you’re under 70 in England, go here If under 70 in Scotland, Wales or NI, call 0800 328 1700 to speak with us. If over 70 anywhere in the UK, call 0800 953 4988 for our automated registration service.

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Car Park charges suspended in Sefton


Sefton Council has temporarily suspended enforcement of parking charges in Council car parks and on-street pay and display areas, while making certain car parks available for use by key workers.

During this time Sefton Council will not be enforcing charges at Sefton MBC car parks or at On Street Pay & Display parking locations. In line with national guidance this also ensures temporarily free parking for NHS workers and social workers across the borough. Sefton have also designated a number of car parks for the use of social workers and they will be able to park without risk of enforcement.

The authority however is not responsible nor has any control over the operation of privately owned car parks.

Civil Enforcement Officers working for the authority will however continue to carry out enforcement of dangerous and obstructive parking to ensure that our highways remain safe and emergency services and NHS workers are able to quickly and safely move through the borough.

The Local Authority are following other councils across the country and adhering to Local Government Association Guidance, which recommends the enforcement activity focuses on incidents of obstructive or dangerous parking.

This includes yellow lines at junctions, loading restrictions and obstruction of dropped kerbs.

A spokesman for Sefton Council said: “Civil Enforcement Officers will be following all guidance on social distancing and will be using vehicles rather than foot patrols to travel around the borough.

“These officers are providing a vital and much needed service to ensure our borough’s incredible emergency services and NHS staff are able to freely move throughout Sefton without obstruction.

“We know the vast majority of our residents will appreciate that this is an important service and that our operatives are simply doing their job.

“However we will not tolerate any abuse, either verbal, written or physical, towards officers who are simply carrying out their day to day duties. Moreover, we would not expect significant numbers using these car parks as the vast majority of our residents should be staying at home, in alignment with the national guidance”

More information about community services with have been affected by the COVID-19 situation can be found via

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Electric/Gas pre payment meters

For those on prepayment meters with the companies below you dont need to worry or stress about gas / electricity if you dont have money to top up or are self isolating..

Phone the relevant company if you have a prepay meter; tell them you’re self isolating and they will send you out 2 weeks worth of gas / electricity or if you have a smart meter they will top you up.

BRITISH GAS 0333 202 9802

EDF 0333 200 5100

EON 0345 052 000

N POWER 0800 073 3000

SCOTTISH POWER 0800 027 0072

SSE 0345 026 2658

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Merseyrail lift 9:30 concession restriction.


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Food Banks

We have heard that food-banks are running short of supplies. The ward has donated £1,000 as  have most other wards.

Please help out if you possibly can. supply donations  can be left at most supermarket’s.

Please be sensible shopping, there is absolutely no need to hoard or stockpile goods. That makes life impossible for the less well off and Vulnerable.

Volunteer groups have set up across the borough to offer assistance for the vulnerable and anyone self isolating. If you would like to volunteer then please ring me on 07472 253553



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