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Peter Dowd MP today in Parliament

Peter Dowd

Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Peter Dowd says the “only thing the party opposite are open to and tolerant of are big fat donations from Russian oligarchs”.

He says that the UK’s “place in the world is a laughing stock” due to Ms May’s “supine sycophancy” for US President Donald Trump.

He asks if the UK spend “decades” trying to get rid of divides in Northern Ireland only to reconstitute them later.

Delays in the supply chain will lead to higher costs for consumer, he adds. A Customs Union is what businesses need, what producers want and would most benefit consumers, he states.

Labour’s New Clause 13 would “empower” the Commons while the government seeks to “sidestep” it, he says.

“If they can’t get a grip, get out,” he finishes.


Heathrow expansion vote 25/0618

I am very proud that our MP voted against Heathrow Expansion.Heathrow exp vote 260618