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Manifesto 2019

The Labour Party Manifesto was finalized on Friday and includes full costs in an appendix (Grey Book)

It is to be released on Thursday 21st November. Links will be posted here as soon as available.10172_17-Graphics-for-the-new-site-MANIFESTO-2.png

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Help write Labour’s Manifesto 2019

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100 labour Policies to transform Britain


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Lidl and KFC

Lidl & KFC have both included Crosby as a site for a future development.

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General Election Called

A general Election has been called for 12th December. Contact me on 07472 253553 for a Vote labour Posterscreenshot_1681042.1063.large_

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gambinosThe owners of Gambacino’s on Coronation Road, have appealed their planning refusal. They have last week withdrawn their Licence application due to be heard last Thursday, for an unknown reason. (UPDATE 19th November) Planning appeal granted by HM inspectorate and alcohol licence granted.   Awaiting completion and sign off of planning condition.)


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wildflower meadow

In April Rimrose Valley Friends leader Linda Gaskell came up with the idea for a wildlife meadow in the Valley. She organised fundraising from the public  and corporate donors. The funding was complete within weeks and the wildflower was sowed on the former running track in May has thrived with all the rain and warm weather. Latest photos added 29/7/19. Full bloom mid August. Millions of poppy’s and corn marigolds and hundreds of Sunflower  yet to flower. So far there are Cornflower, Camomile, a few poppies and corn marigold.


IMG-2725IMG-2722IMG-2721attachment (51)

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Crosby Events Centre

The new tenants of the former St Mary’s Club are working on fitting out the huge space. George Tudor Williams posted this on Facebook showing the latest progress. CEC Build 1

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Broken Street Lights


There were three streetlights on the Northern Road ( 6,7 and 8) with intermittent faults,

I am assured that they will be fixed this week. W/C Mon 8th April 2019

I also asked for the IT team to take a look at the council’s streetlight reporting web-page. It is fine but, I think too much information is being required.

If you have more than one streetlight report then you have to enter phone, email, address for each report. Email & Phone should be sufficient or an option to report multiple lights.

The reporting page is here 



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Section 21 Evictions

5023Some residents have contacted us about the grossly unfair libdem coalition legislation that allows blameless evictions from private Lets.  It was part of the Localism act 2012/4 set up by the Tory and Libdem coalition to allow landlords to evict their tenants,  The Labour group in Sefton Council will put this motion forward at the next Full Council Meeting:-

This council believes strongly that a secure home is at the heart of all of our lives. It gives security, enables aspiration and gives children a stable home in which to grow up.
This council believes that residents living in the private rented sector should have the security to build their lives and futures, and to become an active part of their community, just as residents in other housing tenures should expect. We note that nationally, the largest single reason for homelessness is eviction from the private rented sector.
We therefore call on the Government to: abolish ‘section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 which allows eviction without the landlord having to establish fault on the part of a tenant. Removing this unfair clause would help to make renting more secure, improve standards, increase tenant confidence and ultimately contribute towards making renting a viable long- term alternative to home ownership or social rent for the millions who currently cannot access either.
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