Crosby Village News 14/5

 Update 14/5

Costa Coffee granted outside seating area. 3M into street. DC/2018/00411
Peacocks have applied for signage and approval for first floor storage area at 10 Moor lane (New Build) DC/2018/00709
BetFred have been granted change of use to Betting Shop.  on Unit 3 Glenn Buildings.

North (Next to Blues) DC/2018/00410. Click graphic for PDF version.

New Costa Outside seating area

Update 11/5

New Costa opening Saturday
Card Factory Moved in and trading. Some complaints about the signage. Planning say they meet all legal requirements . St Modwen say Tenants will most always require proprietary/brand  signage but they  have restricted where that can be applied, this meets those constraints.
The new extension to Blues Bar was open for the first time on Saturday 5th May.
New Costa
St Modwen will very soon be announcing the new Tenants  List will be posted here first.
Costa Coffee’s new unit looks huge. Fitting out powering ahead.
Costa 2 5 18

Costa Coffee shop fitting new store


Card Factory moving in

The remaining demolition screens. From the new shop posters there is only one GF unit left for lease:Unit 4. Price here

Inside the Glenn Building south & 10 Moor lane 20/4. All Units have ancillary space and secure rear double doors.


Unit 1 Frankies


Unit 2 “Coming soon?”

Units 3 is being fitted out for The Card factory


Unit 4


GF 10 Moor Lane, Peacocks


1st F 10A Moor Lane , Village Vets


1st F 10A Moor Lane , Village Vets. Peacocks storage.


1st F 10A Moor Lane , Village Vets


Unit 4a. Former Community Club

IMG_0715 (1)

Unit 1a. Former Community Club Original 1936 Vent


Unit 4a. Former Community Club


Glenn Buildings South 20th April 2018


Unit 1. Frankies



Barriers 190418 xander

Last of the Hoardings. Photo Xander Mercer.

UPDATE 17/4.  Work is forging ahead on shop fitting for unit 2 GBS.     The work on the sets is now expected to be complete on Thursday.

Scottish power delayed completion by three months and now they have finished the demolition screens have begun to be removed from 11/4/18. The work relaying the Sets by Glenn Buildings is scheduled to end by Wednesday so those screens may not come down until then.


demo screens

Fences coming down 11/ april 2018


Glenn Buildings North 12th April


Glenn Buildings North 12th April


Glenn Buildings North. Betfred, Blues Bar one and two

IMG-0627 (1)

New Blues bar opening soon


Glenn Building North

Click on the business name links in the text below for more information.

GLENN BUILDINGS SOUTH: Card Factory will move to unit 3.  Frankies are establishing a new bar at Unit 1 which has been part fitted. .  The Former Community Club has been stripped back and extends as one space to the Former Delta Taxis Stairwell.  The former Delta Office has been part fitted.

NEW BUILDING: Peacocks will take over the ground floor of the new build with The Village Vets on the first floor. This unit has a Lift. A new fire escape exits from the vets onto unit 4a (the former Community Club)

GLENN BUILDINGS NORTH:  The Blues Bar remain at unit 2. with new entrance and glazing. They  are opening a new sports bar in unit 1. Bet Fred are moving to Unit 3.  The top floor has been stripped back and a lift installed. The space covers the whole building footprint and including ancillary areas, totals around 2,500 sq ft

TELEGRAPH HOUSE:– St Modwen have not released any plan for this as yet. They do intend to develop perhaps re-build. At present their plan only indicates refurbishment.

ALLENGATE:– This is to be renamed as Neville Hymus Way. in tribute to Neville Hymus who passed away last year.

LIVERPOOL ROAD:-   Costa Coffee are moving into the former Ethyll Austin unit.

Click Image below for rental costs

Card Factory

MAP of new Ocupiers



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