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Rimrose valley Country Park was created, starting in 1993 by Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council and Mersey Forest. It consists of 307 acres, 125 hectares or 1.26 million Square Metres of open land intersected by managed and some un-managed footpaths. The land which is  prone to flooding and containing Marsh land was because of that undeveloped, scrub-land, ex industrial and a small central section being the Council owned Whabb’s Tip until 1978

Rimrose overhead




In 2017 the Government deemed it necessary to build a six lane carraigeway through the park, an act of wanton vandalism that would virtually destroy the park. The government claimed that a cost-benefit analysis judged that a road there would be their preferred solution and intend to start construction in 2020.

stonehenge 1901

Building Stonehenge




At the same time the Government is quite content to build a Tunnel to bypass Stonehenge costing far more than would be required here on the basis that it will provide a “tranquil setting” ( for some old stones, built in 1901) whilst residents here will be facing more and more noise and pollution.


Sefton Council are wholly opposed to the proposal and have won a judicial review to on  the exclusion of a Tunnel option in the consultation process.  Officers are not co-operating with Highways England on the issue and work is in abeyance subject to the review.


Rimrose Valley Friends latest news letter CLICK HERE

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What Victoria Ward Councillors have done;

Funded and helped deliver 20,000 RVF campaign leaflets

.RVF leaflet

Part funded and helped on the day with the Rimrose valley Festival 2017.rrvf fete

Offer on-going funding to the Rimrose Valley Friends group and encourage other wards to contribute.

Lobbied Mersey Forest Group for support.


Lobbied Liverpool Port health Committee for Support


Attended all the meetings with the campaign groups, associate groups and the two MPs, Peter Dowd and Bill Esterson.

Sefton’s Labour members have;

  • Secured funding to undertake a feasibility  for a clean Air Zone along the Old Roan/Seaforth corridoor.
  • Secured a judicial review of the consultation process undertaken by highways England because they did not consider a tunnel option.
  • investigating the use of air quality schemes around schools.
  • Directing resources at collecting air quality data around our schools
  • Campaigning to crack down on smoky vehicles


Cllr Roche along with members of CPRE has been investigating, reporting , lobbying and trying to promote the understanding of the future effect that ship pollution will have on the port but also west coast of Britain, Wales and Scotland given that no Sulphur Emissions control agreement (SECA) is in place here.

It is said that each Post-Panamax ship is the equivalent of one Oil powered electricity generating station .seca

Mr Greener of CPRE did a lot of investigation into this matter and over 5 years ago this was his conclusion:

The UK Government, Irish Republic and NI Assembly, Scottish could apply to the International maritime Organisation to have the adjoining sea to their shoreline designated as a SECA.

When the UK was considering its application to have the North Sea designated as a SECA, the available evidence supported the case for adopting stricter sulphur limits in these waters.

Due to the much lower traffic density and lower population density in the Irish Sea and northern UK waters, the Government considers there is less justification for designating these waters as an ECA.

Submitting an application for a new ECA, or extending the existing North Sea sulphur ECA so that it encompasses all the seas around the UK would also need the support of the Irish Government.


I think that with the introduction of the Post Pana-max vessels to the traffic that the Government’s view on Irish Sea traffic must be reviewed and action should be taken to have our waters declared as part of the European wide SECA.

Highways England Proposed route.

PAR proposal

Alternative (Modal) transport

Coastal and Canal Container vessels;

At present the THEA II transports around 100 containers each day from and to the port mostly between Manchester, Glasgow, Cork, Dublin and sometimes Hull.


THEA II was featured at work on the Manchester Ship Canal  in recently “Rivers” by Jeremy Paxman short clip HERE

This fleet should be expanded and our MP’s have called for this.


The line from the docks extends already to the main line and containers of Bio Mass are transported daily to the DRAX generating station. This rail capacity must be expanded, at present a single line extends to the docks. Peel have said that they would expand this facility, however a large rail-head would be needed for loading. The space for this is limited.




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